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Cobalt free humidity indicator "HumiJudge®″

The HumiJudge® (Kyodo Printing) humidity indicator doesn't use any cobalt compounds, so it isn't harmful to either the human body or the environment. The color change (blue to pink), that is equivalent to conventional products, has been achieved through Kyodo Printing's originally developed "rewrite technology".

Functional Material Absorbing Moisture and gassing "Moist Catch™″

MoistCatch™(Kyodo Printing) is a high performance material developed through technology that integrates moisture absorbing and adsorbing ingredients at a high concentration. Processing according to the specific application is possible, such as with film and molded products, and additional processing like lamination, adhesive material coating, and heat sealing, etc., is available as well.

Moist catch™ for PV

MoistCatch™ (Kyodo Printing) for the storage of photovoltaic generation cells, which are generally quite susceptible to moisture, helps to maintain the quality of the product in its original state, making it perfect for use during transport and distribution.

Oxygen-absorbing film "OxyCatch™″

OxyCatch™ (Kyodo Printing) is a film that contains cerium oxide deoxidant, prevents oxidation without using water, and the state of oxygen absorbency can be visually determined by the color change. The processes of bundling a deoxidant and of confirmation inspection are rendered obsolete, and productivity is thus improved.

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