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Communications Infrastructure Products

High Efficiency Amplifier for Cellular base stations and Wireless telecommunications

Centered on high-efficiency, high-output amplifiers, from cellular phone and relay station amplifiers and HF band aeronautical wireless devices to 24 GHz ranging radar, we offer a wide range RF equipment from AI Electronics Ltd.

Optical Fiber Cable

Lighter and with smaller signal attenuation than coaxial cables, this "tape-slot type optical cable" (Sumitomo Electric Industries) is able to handle large volumes of data. Another feature is its structure with which the tape fibers can be easily separated without using any tools. This cable is optimal for in-building junction cable and as an overhead drop cable to housing eaves.

Optical Fiber Cable With Connector

For connections between indoor devices, these cables can be used for fusion splicing in joint boxes. The fiber type, number of cores, connector type, and length can be customized to fit the desired application. With "PAPB" fiber (Sumitomo Electric Industries), transmission loss doesn't readily occur even when bent slightly, making these cables perfect for use in wideband applications.

Optical Termination Box・Splice Box

We propose solutions that fit various connection methods, like standard connectors and fiber fusion. In addition to the pre-wiring that only a fiber manufacturer like Sumitomo Electric could offer, the design of their "Y-OP Series" (Sumitomo Electric Industries) takes workability and maintainability into account, allowing these products to be used in total confidence.

19Inch Rack

With state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of product lineups, we are able to answer diverse goals and usage environments, such as with the server storage and base-isolation types of racks represented by the "FS Series" (Nitto Kogyo).
URL: http://www.nito.co.jp/english/products/index.htm

Cabling Tools (Fusion Splicer)

We offer a lineup of tools that are indispensible for optical wiring work. The "TYPE-25e Series" fusion splicer (Sumitomo Electric) employs a compact power-saving design that considers working efficiency in high locations. The "FC7-R" fiber cleaver also adopts the industry's first auto-rotation mechanism for its cleaver blade.