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Electric parts


Taica Corporation's αGEL® is a gelatinous material produced mainly of a silicone raw material. A wide range of proposals to match demand is possible, such as applications that require a light load, minimal vibrations and low-frequency anti-vibration and shock-absorbance, sealing applications for waterproof and dustproof measures, and textural applications that make the best use of the material's softness.

* The "dropping egg" design is a registered trademark of Taica Corporation.

λGEL®(Thermal Conductive Materials )

λGEL® (Taica Corporation) is a thermal conduction material. Extensive application is possible to fit customer needs, such as sheets (COH series) whose feature characteristic is their softness, paste (DP series) that does not easily evaporate or drip, and sheets (RE series) with electromagnetic radiation absorption capabilities.

Magnet wire

Magnet wire (Sumitomo Electric Industries) is widely adopted as a key material in such applications as the drive motor in hybrid vehicles, for which demand has been rapidly expanding, other automotive electrical components, industrial motors, telecommunications equipment, and electrical household appliances.


There are various types (materials and manufacturing methods) of hard magnets as well as an assortment of magnetic characteristics. We offer magnets that fit the specific usage, such as the strongest sintered neodymium magnets in high output motors, sintered ferrite magnets for small motors, rare earth bonded magnets, and, in terms of complex shapes and multi-pole magnetization, plastic magnets.

High-Performance Soft Magnetic alloys

This is soft magnetic material from Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. with high electrical resistance and high magnetic characteristics and a principal ingredient of iron powder based on powder metallurgy. This high-performance material responds to the demands for miniaturization and high performance--especially in solenoid valve motors used in the high frequency range--that originate in the shift from mechanical to electronic control that is accelerating in various fields in recent years.

Motor for Automobile Use

Starting with power steering and power windows, it's no exaggeration to say that automobiles are "a mass of motors". Along with offering the general-purpose motors used in electric pumps and electric tilt steering, etc., from both domestic and overseas manufacturers, we are able to comply with requests for the production of custom specification motors.

Wiring Harnesses for Automobile

These wire harnesses (Sumitomo Wiring Systems) electrically connect the electronic component and electrical devices installed in automobiles, and play the role of relaying mutually transmitted information and electric power. These important parts can be compared to the nerves and blood vessels in a human being, and they serve as the foundation of the car and its equipment.

Connectors for Automobile

These connectors (Sumitomo Wiring Systems) are the parts that connect harnesses to each other and to electrical components. They are available in many types and variations depending on their purpose, function, shape, and number of pins, etc., and it is also possible to meet specific needs, such as reduced size, lower insertion force, prevention of incomplete insertion, and easier assembly, etc.

Aluminum Outer cases for Lithium-ion battery・Capacitor

Aluminum Outer cases made by FUJI EXCEED.CO.,LTD. are mainly used for exterior case of
Lithium-ion battery and Capacitor in hybrid vehicles,electric vehicles.

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