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Home Appliances

Since we, Sansho Shoji, started the home electric appliances business, 50 years have passed. There are various material used in home appliance products, from precision parts to electric wires, but we can provide optimal materials to our customers from our extensive network in Japan and overseas that we have cultivated over the past 50 years.
We have a wealth of know-how in collective logistics that deliver to our customers the parts that compose home appliances products as well as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).
Moreover, we are also good at proposing various jigs and equipment for precision machining at manufacturing sites.


Because LUBRITE® (Sumitomo Electric Industries) minimizes the need for machining thanks to powder metallurgy metal molding, complex-shaped components can be supplied at a low price. These parts are suitable as mechanical components in engines, transmissions, and drive systems.

Diamond Tools

These diamond tools from Allied Materials are for processing precision components, including the semiconductors, electronics and electronic parts that support the IT industry. UPC®, with nano-level cutting sharpness, is indispensable for ultra-precision machining such as that used for optical pickup lens molds.

Flexible print circuit

FPC (Sumitomo Electric Industries) is manufactured by forming a copper foil circuit on an ultra-thin insulator film, thus assists in downsizing and weight savings in electronic devices such as hard disc drives, optical pickups and cell phones.

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