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Chemical compound Semiconductor

As the key materials for optoelectronics like LEDs and LDs, we supply GaN, GaAs, InP and other compound semiconductor substrates, as well as epitaxial wafers, from such manufacturers as Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., and can also partner with overseas foundries.

Silicon wafer

We offer Si wafers for the dummy monitors used in semiconductor manufacturing, solar batteries--that are expected to witness high market expansion in the future--and high-resistance Si wafers (made with the Floating Zone Method) for MEMS, etc. We can also supply Si wafers and SOI equipped with insulating layers.

CuMo/AlSic(Heat Sinks (Heatspreaders))

These various heat sink materials, like ceramics and metals, made by Allied Materials serve as measures against the heat radiation that comes from today's high-output, high-luminance LEDs, high-power LDs and high-performance LSIs, as well as the heat radiated inside various system equipment.

Aluminum Nitride Ceramics(ALN)

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a new ceramic material that excels in thermal conductivity and displays high strength, low thermal expansion, low conductivity and a low induction rate.

Aluminum Heatsink

These are the most practicable, economical cooling parts for preventing the degradation in reliability and damage caused by higher temperatures in semiconductor components.
Cutting dimension tolerance: Within 300 mm: ±1.0, 300 mm or over: ±1.5 (with standard processing specifications)
Surface treatment: black anodized aluminum, white anodized aluminum, iridite (transparent)

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) Green sheet

LTCC substrate green sheets made by Yamamura Photonics can be baked at low temperatures of 900°C or less, they feature high strength and high dimensional stability, and are used for a wide range of applications including high frequency circuit boards, automotive use, and LED substrates. This product can be offered in the color that fits the application, and the environment is considered through the elimination of any lead content.

Packaging substrates

The high integration of semiconductors is being rapidly advanced through the production of high performance electronic parts. In response to this age, we employ such technologies as PBGA, FBGA, CSP, MMC, and BOC and offer products appropriate to each customer's needs.


The Igetalloy® microdrills made by Sumitomo Electric Tool Net encompass a wide collection of items from Φ2 shanks to small diameter drills. They employ a diversity of technologies in the tooth shape and finish, and satisfy customer's needs through stable accuracy and quality based on stringent quality control.

Bonding wire

Germany's Heraeus Group is a long-standing precious metals manufacturer established in 1851. As one of its group companies, W. C. Heraeus produces precious metal products and, as their agency in Japan, we supply their bonding wire to the Japanese market. Bonding wire of gold, aluminum, copper, and other alloys made by this company have received an excellent reputation from users the world over due to the height of their quality.

Bonding tool

We offer bonding tools that thermally crimp the lead wire and IC together using the TAB method, a method of high-density mounting. High reliability in mounting is supported at low-cost through the use of CVD diamonds, etc., for the tip of the tool.

High performance trays for Semiconductor

Goto Seiko Inc. designs and manufactures the best sealing trays, cleaning trays, and transport trays, etc., for use in production facilities, utilizing materials appropriate to the process, such as aluminum, titanium, and resin. They display improved wear-, abrasion- and corrosion-resistance, and electrostatic prevention capabilities and coating are available as well.

Carbon treatment device

Zikusu Industry Co. Ltd. produces carbon jigs that are used for positioning during soldering and other heat treatment of electronic components. Based on the drawings they receive from the customer, they conduct integrated NC, programming, processing, and inspection in-house. From one piece to mass-produced goods, they respond quickly with low-cost, high-quality products.

LED Chips

LED epitaxial wafers, LED chips, and chips for optical communication, etc., are contract manufactured at factories in China (Xiamen, Tianjin, Anhui), certified under international standards, thus enabling us to supply highly reliable products around the globe.

Automated LED sorting machine

A variety of LED characteristics of chips, including wavelength and output, can be measured and the chips sorted based on the results.

LED Device module

We handle various versions of LED, such as those that emit light in the visible, infrared, and UV wavelengths, and we meet a variety of demands with an abundant lineup of both domestic and overseas specifications, etc. White LEDs especially are available in 0.1 W and 1 to 3 W light intensity to high power types of 50 W and higher.

LED Lamp for indirect lighting

Luci Flex Series (Proteras Company) flexible LED lighting features bendable, ultra-thin bodies that optimize the characteristics of soft acrylic. Their overall effectiveness is demonstrated in a diversity of applications, from indirect lighting, appliance lighting, and LED signboards to stage-type line lighting, for a dependable and ideally luminous performance in line with the intended purpose. The largest variations of light source colors in the industry allow the desired impression to be perfectly recreated.

LED Lamp

AdvanLED Lighting (Shimane Electronics Imafuku Works) comes equipped with LED modules designed with a long lifecycle of 80,000 hours due to their high thermal radiation performance that is realized through a proprietary COM (Chip on Metal) configuration. LEDs with high-class color rendering properties and luminous efficiency are also employed.

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