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Quality assurance Systems

QC MATE(Quality Date Total Management System)

The QCMATE integrated quality control system (Qualimate Corporation) is not software that merely issues a transcript of inspections; it is a next-generation quality assurance system with the main purpose of reducing the cost of quality assurance and of inspection work while simultaneously constructing an overall reliable and high-level quality assurance system.

QC MATE MD(Measuring Devices Quality Assuring System)

QCMATE MD (Qualimate Corporation) is a calibration system that simultaneously achieves both a reduction in the cost of maintenance management for measuring instruments and the rationalization of that maintenance management work that is required in complying with ISO9001 requirements.

Torque Analyzer(Fastening Torque Dynamic Analyzing System)

"Torque Analyzer" (Qualimate Corporation) is a testing machine that employs graphs in analyzing the tightening torques for self-drilling screws like self-tapping and architectural screws. It is composed of the test unit that tightens the screw, a controller for managing testing conditions, and analyzation software that analyzes the test data.

Automatic inspection system with the camera(Machine Vision System)

This inspection system (Active Ltd.) contributes to the reduction of labor costs by replacing visual inspection with an automated camera-based inspection system. And, because the inspection software is custom-designed and -produced, a product that matches the customer's needs can be supplied.

Laser Measuring Instrument

This laser-based measuring instrument (Active Ltd.) enables high-precision (?m) dimensional measurement. Work depth, cross-section, C surface, and R surface, etc., can all be measured with high accuracy.

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