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We create various values to pursue everlasting happiness for our society and ourselves.

Message from the President

Shinji Takahashi,President

Shinji Takahashi, President

SANSHO's origin can go back to “SANSHO YOKO” which was founded in Tianjin, China, in 1916. As almost 100 years have passed since the foundation, the dynamism of SANSHO YOKO which was expanded to all over the world through the export of Chinese products is now succeeded by us as 13 overseas affiliates in 8 different countries.

SANSHO in Japan was established in Osaka in 1941 under the name of “SANSHO YOKO.” Since the establishment, we have put the first priority to be trusted by our customers and accumulated steady efforts until today. As a result, we maintain continuous business with thousands of users and makers, which is our valuable asset.

On the other hand, we have held the spirit of “Creative Destruction” as our management philosophy and kept the continuous growth by taking the society’s needs in advance. The idea of “Creative Destruction” is an attitude to always challenge something new by discarding what we achieved in the past. From now onward, we aim further growth by increasing the sale of eco-friendly products and challenging some new business beyond our outstanding business framework.

We continue to value the trust by our customers and the challenge for something new. We keep trying to become “the company which can win public recognition and be needed by the society.”

We,SANSHO,are the company which respects the following 4 mottoes and then acts;

4 mottoes:DREAMS Continue to envision"dreams"./INTELLECT Act with a high degree of "intellect"./SINCERITY Always strive for "sincerity"./EFFORT Never avoid "effort".