Company Profile

Sansho Shoji's Strengths

We always create "new value" that is not overly obsessed with old things, while maintaining flexibility that can respond to constantly changing era and our customer needs.

We receive high evaluation from our customers both in Japan and overseas because of our abundant product line-up beyond industry boundaries, creation of various business models that make use of our knowledge and technical information, and our networks spreading to the world.

Creation of various "Business Models"

We are recognized as a business partner from both Japanese and foreign customers since we have a variety of manufacture groups and product line-up, and we offer our deep product knowledge and technical information. One of our strengths is small size logistics with high mobility. With a different approach from major distributiong companies making use of their own computer systems and having huge logistics warehouses and transportations, we are not only selling single materials and parts, but also creating new values such as collective logistics of components or commissioned processing formula.

"Networks" spreading to the world

In order to survive in the era of mega-competition, strengthening international competitiveness is increasingly necessary in the future. We, SANSHO, are aiming to provide borderless values and we have been enhancing the functions to respond to our customer's needs. We will further strengthen our partnership with major domestic manufacturers with advanced technology and overseas local companies, and provide cost-effective products and environmentally friendly products through our network of domestic and overseas branches.



abundant Business line-up