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Medium-term Management Plan "Challenge 25"

Medium-term Management Plan "Challenge 25"

In April 2021, we launched our Medium-Term Management Plan, "Challenge 25".
In order to maintain our customer service and continue to grow permanently in the ever-changing global environment, we have reviewed our raison d'etre and roles (functions, values, and services).
Over the next five years, we will focus on the five domains of “Mobility", “Electronics", “Industrial Equipment", "ICT & Software", and "Lifestyle Solutions", expected to grow, while continuing to challenge our new growth areas of "Medical & Nursing Care", “Food & Agriculture", “Beauty", and “ERP Systems".
In 2021, we will celebrate "the 80th anniversary of our establishment" and "the 105th anniversary of our founding". Under the slogan of "Do passionate work that AI can’t do", we will continue to provide our customers with our services that integrate digital and analog.

Corporate Philosophy

We create various values to pursue everlasting happiness for society and ourselves.