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We, Sansho Shoji, recognize that conservation of the global environment is an important issue for humankind, and we are working on continuous improvement of the global environment in all aspects of our corporate activities, and working on the secondary battery business as an environmentally friendly clean energy business.
・ Secondary batteries are environmental products expected to expand in the future as a clean energy source, as their use in various fields such as automobiles, mobile devices, and digital home appliances is expanding. We provide solutions in various processes from raw materials to finished products.

Superconducting wire

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. began research into high-Tc superconductors in 1986, they consider bismuth superconducting material to be an especially prime candidate for practical use, and they have worked on turning it into wire as well as on applied product development. Through material and system technology cultivated to-date, they are playing a leading role in superconducting technology that will open new frontiers.

Aluminum Outer cases for Lithium-ion battery・Capacitor

Aluminum Outer cases made by FUJI EXCEED.CO.,LTD. are mainly used for exterior case of
Lithium-ion battery and Capacitor in hybrid vehicles,electric vehicles.

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