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Cleaning Equipments & Systems

SRS:Scale Removing System

This device (CQM-Japan) removes scales in cooling towers and piping. Accomplished based on a principle that differs from conventional magnets and magnetic systems, its structure makes possible a large reduction in the amount of medicine and water utilized and does not emit corrosive water. Only minimal installation space is required, and two or more small towers can be processed simultaneously.

BCS:Ball Cleaning System

This device (CQM-Japan) is for cleaning shell and tube heat exchangers with a sponge ball. Because there is no need to clean the tube opening and only the ball needs to be replaced, maintenance is possible without stopping the production line or the air-conditioning. Moreover, since the heat exchange ratio is always normal, it enables the amount of fuel and electricity consumed to be greatly reduced.

bromine based cleaning agents

"eClean21" solvent (Kaneko Chemical) is an "environmentally-friendly clean solvent" that is an alternative to trichloroethylene and dichloromethane with equivalent cleaning and drying power, and can be used as is with existing cleaning equipment.

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