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Taica Corporation's αGEL® is a gelatinous material produced mainly of a silicone raw material. A wide range of proposals to match demand is possible, such as applications that require a light load, minimal vibrations and low-frequency anti-vibration and shock-absorbance, sealing applications for waterproof and dustproof measures, and textural applications that make the best use of the material's softness.

* The "dropping egg" design is a registered trademark of Taica Corporation.

λGEL®(Thermal Conductive Materials )

λGEL® (Taica Corporation) is a thermal conduction material. Extensive application is possible to fit customer needs, such as sheets (COH series) whose feature characteristic is their softness, paste (DP series) that does not easily evaporate or drip, and sheets (RE series) with electromagnetic radiation absorption capabilities.

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