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Offering a diverse product lineup in the vital field of electronics in order to answer all our customers' needs We are working to further strengthen our partnerships with major Japanese manufacturers and foreign companies abroad who possess state-of-the-art technology in order to supply products that answer the needs of all our customers, such as various electronic parts, including semiconductors and various communications devices.

Four Key Product Groups

A general trading company in electronics, the following are Sansho Shoji’s core products. We offer a lineup of everything from materials to finished parts in order to respond to diverse needs from material supply to contract processing.

Semiconductor & Electronic Components

We supply semiconductors and the electronic parts that make them work, on both an individual piece and modular basis.

Electric & Mechaical parts

We offer the key mechanical parts that are necessary for a variety of equipment in fields such as automotive and consumer electronics and appliances.

Electronic Wires & Optical Devices

We handle various communications devices including the optical communication equipment that is required for high-density communication.

Equipments & Systems

We offer a wide range of equipment and systems for various production facilities such as electric cable manufacturing, as well as LED inspection equipment and quality control systems.

Three Fields of Business

On a nucleus of three business domains, we aim not only to offer the products that our customers want but also to expand our sales of products that keep both the growth of their business and environmental conservation in mind.

Semiconductor & Electronics

We support the development of our customers’ business by providing semiconductors and other key devices for all types of equipment.

Automotive & Appliance

We provide a lineup of materials for hybrid and fuel cell vehicles as well as parts that take environmental conservation into consideration.

Information & Network

We provide state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment that enables a huge amount of information to flow smoothly in order to support the growth of today’s information society.

Product Lineup

Four Key Product Groups

Three Fields of Business

Introduction of Medical & Nursing Products