CREATIVE DESTRUCTION We create various valuesto pursue everlasting happiness for our society and ourselves.

Our Business

To the automotive industry where HV and PHV have become widespread and EV and FCV which have been called next-generation automobiles are now put into practical use, we provide a variety of special parts and state-of-the-art technologies beyond national and industry boundaries.

In cooperation with our partner companies, we offer semiconductor and electronics products, which are indispensable in every field and our productive lives, in various approaches according to customer's needs, from materials to devices and modularization.

In the IoT era where everything around us is connected through the Internet, we offer optical communication devices, information electric wires, etc. that support large capacity information transmission infrastructure.

We procure and offer various constituent parts that meet our customers' needs from around the world, centering on home appliances that enrich people's lives, especially kitchen appliances.

We offer a wide range of products from materials to finished products, especially secondary battery related products used in various fields such as automobiles to digital home appliances and mobile devices.

We collaborate with our partner company and offer systems that meet the needs of our customer, centered on platform that efficiently launches cloud systems and the next-generation Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system that responds to various needs.

In cooperation with our partner companies, we offer Japanese ingredients and the food manufacturing technologies to the Asian market centered on Korea, with the theme of ' good and safe eating habits'.

Based on the concept of "making people beautiful from inside and outside", we offer Japanese beauty foods, cosmetics, beauty equipment, cosmetic technology etc with our partner companies and foundations, mainly for beauty salons in China.

Using our knowledge of the electronics industry accumulated from the past and the state-of-the-art sensor technology, we promote IoT in the medical care and the rehabilitation market.

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