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Trust as a Business Partner

7 bases at home, 11 bases in overseas 7 countries Performance of over 60 years

In the electronics field ahead of the time, SANSHO has moved in Taiwan based on more than 60 years of relationship of mutual trust with domestic customers and manufactures, and now has 11 overseas bases in 7 countries after over 20 years of experiences. Thanks to certain performances, we obtained high reputation.

Our competitive edge; mobility, product knowledge and technology information

Equipped with varying manufacturing customers and products line-up, we have been appreciated as a business partner domestic and overseas by supplying abounding commodities knowledge and technological information. SANSHO is specialized in a minor-scale logistics with high mobility. We are contributing to creation of new value including a logistics as a job lot of component materials or contract manufacturing logistics, as well as sales of single part materials and components, having a different stance from that of major trading companies which have huge logistics warehouses and means of conveyance by utilizing own computer systems.

Toward the victory in the global market

Competitive edge must be intensified in the future for survival in the mega-competition time. SANSHO has upgraded its functions to meet customers' needs aiming at offering borderless value. For the future, the company will supply products that have improved cost-performance and are kind to human environment, through our global network of 20 bases domestic and overseas, reinforcing partnerships with domestic major manufactures and overseas companies that have advanced technologies.

Sansho Shoji’s Strengths

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