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Terms of use
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Private use and overuse of such rights, such as alteration, diversion and duplication exceeding the range the copyright law admits without SANSHO's permission are prohibited.
About the link to SANSHO's website, please contact us in advance. When SANSHO considers the link as unsuitable, the link could be turned down.
The sites of third parties(not of SANSHO) to and from this website(" linksites") are controlled under each company's liability, not under SANSHO. Therefore, SANSHO disclaims liability for any losses caused by use of such linksites.
Other items of exemption from responsibility
· Although SANSHO takes much caution about information on SANSHO's website, SANSHO does not warrant its accuracy nor security.
· The use of this website is subject to customers∆ liability.
· SANSHO disclaims liability for any direct and indirect losses and damages during the use of this website.
· Contents of this website could be revised, eliminated and ceased without advance notice, of which please note.
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